Join the Yosemite Gateway Partners

Yosemite Gateway Partners (YGP) is a partnership of government agencies, non-profit organizations, tribes, individuals and businesses that acknowledge the interdependence of Yosemite National Park and the surrounding communities, and collaborate on and address issues of regional importance to create sustainable cultural, natural and economic prosperity.

This is an open organization, and there are no fees or dues.

Join us! There are 4 ways to get involved with YGP:

  1. The group holds quarterly meetings for an opportunity to network region-wide, receive updates from Yosemite National Park and to address current issues and/or opportunities for the region.
  2. A quarterly e-newsletter is distributed to participants that highlights current issues and/or updates on services in the region.
  3. The marketing committee is a collaboration of marketing personnel from the region to come together and complete two primary projects each year: 1) California Visitor Guide cooperative ad; and 2) Yosemite Experience Pavilion at the Bay Area and LA Travel and Adventure Shows.

All entities in the Yosemite Region are encouraged to participate in the Yosemite Gateway Partners.

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