BOD Job Descriptions

Director Job Description

  • Attend regular board meetings
  • Take assignments made by 1) President or 2) Board
  • Seek out and maintain relationships with stakeholders in the Gateways
  • Seek out and maintain relationships with YNP, in particular, senior staff
  • Evangelize YGP to new stakeholders in our Gateways
  • Participate in the Advisory Council meetings and/or lead other committee meetings
  • Participate in the writing and submitting of grant requests
  • Perform other fiduciary duties expected of Corporate Directors
  • Share personal talents to improve effectiveness of the Board as a whole, e.g., Orientation, skill development, legal training, etc.
  • The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer

President Job Description

  • Guide Board policy creation and implementation
  • Assist in preparation of annual budget
  • Contribute time and talents into annual business plan
  • Lead the Board in community and stakeholder interactions
  • Promote partnership with YNP, YC, YI, Ansel Adams Gallery, et al
  • Conduct meetings according to the agenda – Follow Robert’s Rules of Order, when appropriate
  • Guide quarterly meetings agenda preparation and selection of keynote speakers

1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President Job Description

  • 1st VP take the place of the President whenever he/she is not available
  • 2nd VP take the place of the President whenever he/she and the 1st VP is not available
  • Be an active member of the Executive Committee
  • Assist the President in execution of YGP leadership duties, as requested by President including:
  • Organizing Executive Committee, and Board meetings
  • Developing agenda for Executive Committee and Board meetings
  • As an officer, be available to sign corporate documents and checks
  • Organize meetings of the Advisory Council

Secretary Job Description

  • Take notes and send minutes at all Board and Executive Committee meetings
  • Keep track and archive all legal documents
  • Prepare resolutions for the Board
  • Be the guardian of current By-Laws
  • Assist in creation of all agendas – Board, Committees, Quarterly meetings, etc.

Treasurer Job Description

  • Maintain all financial records for the organization
  • Collect and deposit all income
  • Disburse payments as instructed by the Board
  • Assist in fund raising activities
  • Select auditing and tax preparation contractors
  • File required state and federal tax and corporate reports annually
  • Handle insurance procurement and payments

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