Role of the BOD

Yosemite Gateway Partners is a partnership of government agencies, non-profit organizations, individuals and businesses that acknowledge the interdependence of Yosemite National Park and the surrounding communities, and collaborate on and address issues of importance to create sustainable cultural, natural and economic prosperity.

Term of Office: Two (2) years, with a three (3) term limit (6 years total). After completing three terms, Directors may be re-elected after 1-year absence from the Board.

Role of the Board: The Board of Directors is the support structure upon which the organization is laid. The Board provides leadership. Also, because this is a start-up with limited resources, Directors currently do the hands-on staff work of the organization.

Responsibilities: The Board assures that the mission of YGP is achieved. There is a legal requirement to observe the three duties of board membership; they are: 1. Comply with federal and state laws and organizational goals and policies; 2. Avoid negligence; and 3. Avoid conflict of interest.
Commitment: The primary qualification for anyone joining the YGP Board is a deeply and passionately held commitment to the mission of our organization and the personal time to substantially commit to YGP. Commitment to the corporate intent expressed in the YGP Mission Statement (above) and the YGP Bylaws is a requirement.

Board Attendance: Directors are expected to have the time to participate in regular monthly board meetings. Each board meeting requires a quorum, or a minimum number of directors present to make business decisions. When there is no quorum, business cannot be transacted.

Committees: In addition to attending board meetings, Board participation involves volunteering for and participating on YGP committees. Committee meetings are the places where key projects are discussed and analyzed, and approaches are identified before bringing suggestions to the Board for a vote.

Participation: Directors build courteous work relationships with other Directors to promote respectful, thorough examination of every question, and develop and maintain close working relationships with all major stakeholders in the region.

Hands-on activities: Because this is a start-up organization, Directors need to assume duties usually delegated to paid staff in more mature organizations. This will continue until we have the resources to hire professional staff.

Personal contributions: Directors are expected to contribute hands-on volunteer time, expertise, mileage, and other resources to YGP according to individual abilities. We are looking for donated in-kind expertise in areas such as accounting, advocating for YGP, grant writing, group facilitation, legal perspectives, nonprofit management, event coordination, etc.

Financial contributions: Directors are expected to contribute to the financial health of the organization by devoting time to fundraising, or participating in writing grants and reports on grant compliance, or making financial donations. When we ask for donations from other people and entities, it is powerful to be able to say that our organization is supported by 100 percent of our Board.

Expectations of Board Members: